Twenty-five days.

Twenty-five days. That’s not a long time. That’s how many days I have before I depart from this beautiful country that has brought me so many adventures. This has been causing me to frequently look back on everything that has happened this year, how much has changed and everything that I have been able to do.

Actually, a lot of things have changed in the past month or so. My friends Sarah and Kayla have both returned to the States. I hate saying goodbye. Good thing Christ-followers only have to say “see you later.” Still, I’ve watched some of my best friends leave the place that they love so much, but that couldn’t possibly prepare my heart for having to leave myself.

I have to say, I much prefer British summer over a bitterly cold winter. The sun now sets at about ten, and rises again maybe sometime around four. I’m not usually up to see it, but I was this morning! Last night, the Youth for Christ gap-year workers joined with the summer interns and some of our leaders for a full night of prayer.  We are praying for God to raise up an army of THIRTY gap-year workers in Teesside next year. “The harvest is plenty but the workers are few.” This is so true in this valley. We can see people yearning for salvation, and I have complete faith that God will put His perfect team here in September. So we prayed from 9:30 last night until about 6 this morning. I made it with the help of four cups of coffee. What an amazing experience it was though. To join together with people who share my passion for the Tees Valley, to pray intentionally for all the ministry that we are doing and what will be done in the future, and every couple hours to worship the Almighty Savior that has intertwined our lives for this time and purpose. Throughout the night there were shouts of joy when we heard that another person had signed up for a gap year, or had asked about the possibility. I won’t soon forget that night.

While the end of this adventure keeps getting closer, I am realizing that it won’t be an end at all. I just finished reading Radical by David Platt. I regret how many times I have looked to my future with hopes and dreams that are essentially selfish. The book put it this way:

God’s design for taking the gospel to the world is a slow, intentional, simple process that involved every one of His people sacrificing every facet of their lives to multiply the life of Christ in others.

I have given up certain things to be here this year, and it has been challenging at times, but let’s be honest, I get to enjoy a lot of comforts here. That’s not a bad thing, it just makes me realize that I have so much more that I can sacrifice in my future endeavors. I don’t really know (aside from UGA) where life is taking me next, but I do know that I never want to be comfortable enough to grow numb to the reality of how many people need the unfailing love of my Savior.

I am going to make the very most of the rest of my time here, and I will continue to rest in His joy wherever I go next.





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